Magnetic Buttons for Literacy and Language Learning

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“Snapi is an awesome adaptable, functional and fun therapy tool! It’s brought a whole new dimension to a range of speech therapy that I offer, including articulation, narrative and language therapy. I would highly recommend this therapy tool, activity and game to anybody within the speech and language environment, including teachers, parents and anybody that works with kids.”

Christopher Rorke - Speech Therapist

"Snapi has been an exciting new addition to my therapy activities. It offers so much versatility and excitement for the kids that I see. They love being able to have choices and roll the ball! It keeps the activities fun and engaging!"

Natalie Scholtz, Speech Therapist

"As a mom and paediatric Physiotherapist Snapi ticks a whole lot of boxes for me. It is a fun, small and multifunctional toy and teaching tool. You can use it for language skills such as first sounds, physical development such as animal walks, fine motor and hand muscle strength by snapping pictures on and off. Snapi would be an asset in any home, therapy practice or classroom.

Heidi, physiotherapist and mother

Watch Snapi in action