Articulation and Memory Activity Idea

This is a quick, easy and fun game that targets articulation and memory
We used the English /s/ mixed theme. 
Here are the steps: 
1) Introduce all 12 snaps 
2) Flip over all 12 snaps so that they are upside down. Shuffle them. 
3) Have a barrier between you and the child (we simply used a piece of cardboard)
4) Take away 6 of the 12 snaps without looking at the snaps. 
5) The child now flips over the remaining 6 snaps to see what stayed behind. 
6) Can he/she request the missing snaps, while using good /s/ production? 
- If he/she gets stuck, give a little hint to describe a picture/snap.
- To make it easier or more difficult, take away less or more snaps. 
My 7-year-old opponent remembered all 6 snaps, with the help of one little hint and did a great job with the /s/ sound! 
See, we told you it was quick, easy and fun!