Explore Body Awareness using Snapi

Children first learn to identify their own body parts, e.g. “show me your eyes”.

Then, identifying the body parts of others, e.g. “show me daddy’s eyes”.

They then learn how to name / label body parts, e.g. answering “what is this?” questions.


This is one of our suggested Snapi activities to practice learning body parts:

1) Have the body parts Snaps.

2) Draw the outline of a person on a piece of paper.

3) Place the body parts pieces on the right areas of the drawn person, e.g. placing the nose in the middle of the face and the hand at the end of the arm.

4) Another option would be for the facilitator to place the body parts Snaps on the drawn person. Place some of them in the incorrect position, e.g. the eyes on the foot area. Ask the child to check whether everything is in the right place. Take it further by discussing why it’s in the incorrect position and ask them to fix it.

5) To take it a step further, incorporate the clothing items and ask the child to place the picture snaps with the appropriate body parts in the correct positions.


There you have a quick body parts and clothing activity!

For carry-over, continue building your child’s vocabulary during daily routines, such as bathing and dressing.