Matching with Snapi

Why do we play matching games?

We practice:
- following directions
- turn-taking
- expanding vocabulary
- understanding same vs different
- visual memory and discrimination
(to name a few)

At around 15 months, we start seeing how toddlers match in a basic way. 

Here are some of our suggested Snapi activities to target matching:

Identical Matching:

1) Have two of the same sets (e.g. two sets of colours)

2) Place the one set of snaps in a small box and the other on a table or on the floor.

3) Ask the child to match up the two sets until you have 24 matching buttons.

4) To take it a step further, ask the child to name the colours as well.

(This activity can be used with any of the snaps.)

Matching real objects with Snapi pictures

This activity is especially nice when using the “House” and “Garage” snaps.

1) Add “House” snaps to a ball.

2) Roll and see what it lands on.

3) Ask the child to see whether he/she can find the real object somewhere in the house before rolling the ball again.

This activity is specifically aimed at those children who like staying busy when learning!

Matching photos with Snapi pictures

For this activity, you can incorporate books or magazines. If it’s a book about animals, get out the animal snaps and see how many matching animals you can find. 


For more information about the progression of matching, have a look at Jessica and Rod’s beautiful and informative website:,for%20one%20color%20over%20another.