Afrikaans /S/ Sound Combo

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An all-inclusive set to be used for targeting the Afrikaans /s/ sound.

Included in the set is:

1). 60x buttons, with illustrations of the /s/ sound in various positions. 

- S inisiële (See, Soldaat, Sing, Saad, Saag, Sewe, Sokker, Sokkie, Son, Sand, Sop, Seep)
- S finale (Haas, Roomys, Vis, Neus, Jas, Tennis, Bus, Kwas, Muis, Huis, Das, Kas )
- S mediale (Fossiel, Renoster, Rasper, Wasbak, Piesang, Polisieman, Wasgoedpennetjie, Televisie, Kasteel, Horlosie, Asblik, Aasvoël)
- S klusters (Skoen, Slaap, Swaan, Skaap, Spieël, Swem, Skêr, Stoel, Ster, Stoof, Spyker, Slang  
- S gemeng (Strykyster, Yskas, Stofsuier, Prinses, Ses, Soetrissies, Sokkies, Volstruis, Seester, Posbus, Dinosourus,  Sonsondergang )

2). 1x indestructible ball that is used with the buttons to play various activities. Please email us if you would like a specific ball colour, otherwise we'll pick for you! :)

3). 25-page booklet filled with interactive activity ideas to be used with all levels of the /s/ sound. All in Afrikaans