English /S/ Sound Combo

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An all-inclusive set to be used for targeting the English /s/ sound.

Included in the set is:

1). 60x buttons, with illustrations of the /s/ sound in various positions. 

- S initial (soup, soldier, sea, sew, sink, saw, sand, soap, sad, sun, seed and sock)
- S final (octopus, cross, goose, compass, grass, horse, mouse, peas, house, dress, bus and kiss/lips)
- S medial (pencil, rooster, eraser, ice-cream, fossil, trestle, castle, dinosaur, bicycle, whistle, toaster and grasshopper)
- S clusters (swing, swim, square, stomach, star, dentist, strawberry, spoon, scorpion, nest, snake and sleep)  
- S mixed (six, circles, scissors, suitcase, princess, socks, glasses, sunset, seahorse, scientist, seesaw and seconds)

2). 1x indestructible ball that is used with the buttons to play various activities. Please email us if you would like a specific ball colour, otherwise we'll pick for you! :)

3). 25-page booklet filled with interactive activity ideas to be used with all levels of the /s/ sound.