English /S/ Sound Combo

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An all-inclusive set to be used for targeting the English /s/ sound.

Included in the set is:

1). 60x buttons, with illustrations of the /s/ sound in various positions. 

- S initial (soup, soldier, sea, sew, sink, saw, sand, soap, sad, sun, seed and sock)
- S final (octopus, cross, goose, compass, grass, horse, mouse, peas, house, dress, bus and kiss/lips)
- S medial (pencil, rooster, eraser, ice-cream, fossil, trestle, castle, dinosaur, bicycle, whistle, toaster and grasshopper)
- S clusters (swing, swim, square, stomach, star, dentist, strawberry, spoon, scorpion, nest, snake and sleep)  
- S mixed (six, circles, scissors, suitcase, princess, socks, glasses, sunset, seahorse, scientist, seesaw and seconds)

2). 1x indestructible ball that is used with the buttons to play various activities.

3). 25-page booklet filled with interactive activity ideas to be used with all levels of the /s/ sound.